10 Most Censored Countries From Internet

According to a publish from the CPJs (committee to protect journalists) list there are those countries that are most censored than the others. In some of the censored countries, there is even the threat of getting journalists in jail if they violate the government’s instruction. In all this countries, the government exercises the ultimate power of control over everything in the country without consideration of the public or any other person. Here are the 10 countries that have censored internet:

1. North Korea

North Korea is the top censored country. In North Korea, journalists have no freedom. All television and radio receivers belong to the government, and those that are private are locked to one main governmental frequency. According to the main media house in Korea, people love the leader more than they love other members of their family. Every news is positive.

2. Libya

There is nothing like anachronism about independent broadcast or print media. All broadcasts are under the hands of the loyal regime of the leaders. The government controls everything and remains the main source of news and information to the public. The only sites that can be accessed by public are the once that are government oriented.



3. Equatorial Guinea

There is only one private media house and the president’s son owns it. Therefore indicating that the only news to be aired must comply with the president’s rule. It’s believed that Equatorial Guinea claims that president Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo is the “countries god”.

4. Cuba

Occasionally in Cuba the government will organize repudiational acts for journalists who do not follow what the government orders them to do. In these plans, people, mostly demonstrator will surround the journalists’ home and prevent anyone from going into the home or living.

5. Burma

In Burma, the military junta which is ruled by the president owns all the newspapers, television and radio stations in the land. As such, the media is not allowed to hint at or report any anti-government sentiments. The few publicly owned publications also have to submit their content to the Press Scrutiny board before they can publish it. The countries main internet provider was taken over by the Junta in 2005.

6. Turkmenistan

Niyazov isolated the country from the rest of the world creating his own cult and declaring himself the father of the Turkmen. The state owns all the media stations in the country and Niyazov’s administration controls the media by hiring editors and censoring the content published.

7. Eritrea

This is the only country in sub Saharan Africa that does not have a single private media outlet. Only a handful of people can access the internet and with intense monitoring.

8. Syria

Even though some media outlets are under private ownership, they are owners by hardcore government loyalist who ensure only what the government wants is published.

9. Belarus

The government owns most of the media houses and those that are not generally avoid discussing any political matters for fear of being shut down like most of the media outlets that critique the government.

10. Uzbekistan

The government rule on soviet style dictatorship that uses political intimidation to silence the public, journalist and human rights activists.



Are Hotel Room Safes A Secure Place For Your Passport


Many tourists and vacation travelers have reported that their jewelry and other valuables have been stolen from their hotel rooms. Sometimes the hotel is sued but the plaintiff is unable to prove negligence. In other cases the hotel is held liable and forced to part with a lot of money in damages. This brings us to the importance question: are hotel room safes a secure place for your passport? Well, hotel management now have a difficult task of ensuring their hotel safes are a secure place for their visitors to keep their passports and other valuables. If you are looking for a locksmith San Francisco to help improve the safety of your hotel room safes for your travelers, then you can give us a call today.

While hoteliers are expected to provide reasonable care for their guests and their properties and possessions, some hotel guests are still victims of theft. Some of the finest hotels rely on quality electronic hotel safes. As an hotelier you should ensure that your customers’ documents, such as passports, air tickets, and credit cards, as well as cash, jewelry and other valuables, are kept in protected safes with state-of-the-art features.



Why Choose Us

Knowledge Of A Variety of Safes
The three popular types of in-room safes include mechanical combination, keylock, and electronic (with a combination keypad/ where to swipe your keycard). We understand all these types of safes and we know all the major brands of safes that fall into these three categories. We can help you improve the safety of the safes you use in your hotel rooms by recommending the best.

Quality Job

In secure hotel safes, the vacation rental guests enter their own personal combination every time they access the hotel wall safe to keep or retrieve their personal belongings, but hotel management remains with the master card key in case they need to override lockouts. Hotel residential electronic safe is not only easy to install, but also gives personnel an easy time during maintenance. Room safes are increasingly becoming a key management feature in the hospitality industry. We will help you install hotel room safes specially designed with tourists and vacation travelers in mind.

Friendly Staff

We will help increase the security of your in-room safes to help protect your vacation travelers’ money, mobile phones, and other valuables. Call us today to inquire about how we can serve you better to improve the security of your hotel rooms. Our friendly staff will handle you with the respect and dignity you deserve. Call us today to inquire about how we can serve you better to improve the security of your hotel rooms. We will gladly answer all your queries to your satisfaction.

Expert Technicians and Extensive Experience

We have a team of well-trained technicians with extensive knowledge of safes. Whether you are experiencing a lockout problem or in need of expert advice from our friendly technicians regarding the best hotel safe to install in your hotel rooms, call us today and we shall come over, assess the problem, and propose the most suitable solution for your problem. If you are looking for a locksmith San Francisco to help you resolve your lockout issues, then we are your best bet.



Are Reserve Phone Lookup Directories Accurate?


Performing a reverse cell phone lookup search is a lot easier than you think. It’s as simple as putting “reverse phone lookup” into a search engine and using one of the services that comes up. Unfortunately this is also a little bad for you because there’s just too much choice at that point. Which one is good? Which one is bad? The good news is that most of them are pretty good.

One thing you’ll notice almost right away is the quality of their searches. Their front page proudly boasts that they have made over 1,000,000 successful reverse cell phone lookups. That’s one million. The right side of the page also displays the numbers that have recently been searched for. Curious? You can lose some time clicking on them yourself and finding out a lot about these random numbers.

The reverse lookup of Reverse Phone Lookup is completely free and is a great way to find out who it is that’s trying to call you. When you know who is calling you then you can decide to either talk to them or ignore them. Some of the reverse cell lookup services out there will charge you up to $15 just to do this one simple search. That’s why there are so many free services out there like this.

One thing that can be helpful for anyone trying to do a reverse cell phone lookup is to subscribe to a service that offers an unlimited amount of searches for free. Even some of the free search sites will offer only a limited number of searches, or will charge you more for a full report of the information. That’s a pretty common tactic. When you look up a number they provide you with a name but to find out more you have to pay. That’s not the case with Reverse Phone Lookup.



You can use the website to search for both cell phones and landlines but unfortunately cell phones might be harder for them to identify. When they do get a match you are given the first and last name of the owner, the area where the phone was registered, along with the address of the owner and a map to where they live. There is also some more information. Sometimes they aren’t able to give you a perfect match on your reverse phone lookup and, if that happens, they give you as much information as they can such as the general location of the phone and the service provider, as well as any complaints posted online about the number in the case of nuisance calls.



Signature Sleep Allure Memory Foam Queen Mattress – 5 Must-Know Things


Memory foam can do a lot of good for a lot of people. It’s especially useful for people who have trouble sleeping or who have other sleep related issues; such as waking up sore or snoring. Queen size memory foam mattresses work by adapting to the way you sleep and adjusts itself to your weight. Some memory foam mattresses can even adjust themselves to your temperature. Here’s a look at one memory foam mattress; the Signature Sleep Allure 10 inch queen memory foam mattress available at Sears.

5 Things To Know About The Signature Sleep Allure Queen Mattress

1. Like every other memory foam queen mattress brands, Signature Sleep Allure supports your body while you’re asleep. The memory foam it’s filled with a very high quality, high density, memory foam that adjust to the shape and curves of your body. It’s made to give you the support you need and the comfort that your body craves.

2. The queen mattress also absorbs movement. It reduces how much you toss and turn and reduces the effect of any movement. If you share your bed with a partner then you and your partner aren’t going to be affected by the movement of one another. Even if one of you breaks out of the memory foam holding you and manages to shift a lot, the movement will be lost and not felt.

3. A soft knit fabric cover adds to the comfort levels of the memory foam queen mattress and makes for a very soft sleeping experience. The mattress is also made of flame retardant materials that ensure it conforms to fire safety standards. It’ll stand up quite well in the event of a fire.

4. To save on shipping and installing the mattress is shipped compressed and rolled in a vacuum sealed pack. It’s a lot lighter and smaller than it is when fully installed. Just unroll it and remove the packaging and watch as your mattress slowly expands across your bed. Don’t wait too long though as it can take up to 24 hours to fully form.



5. The mattress comes with a general warranty period of a year. It has a firm comfort rating so it’s good for people who sleep on their backs and sides. When fully formed it weighs a good fifty five pounds. Altogether it is a sound sleeping experience.

For a queen size memory foam mattress, ten inches is a good thickness. Generally, memory foam mattresses range between six and twelve inches depending on how much you’re willing to pay.



How To Get Debt Consolidation Loans For Bad Credit

Many people avoid trying to restructure their debt through the use of a credit consolidation service until they have already missed payments, and then require debt consolidation loans for bad credit. If this happens to you, it is easy to get discouraged when your bank or credit union rejects your loan application, but there are alternative options available (http://www.toptenreviews.com/money/debt/best-debt-consolidation-companies/). 

Debt consolidation loans for bad credit are often not offered by banks and credit unions because they use a risk-based pricing model that takes into account your credit score to determine how much of a risk you present to the agency. On the contrary, specialized debt consolidation services often overlook risk-based pricing models in favor of paying special attention to your entire financial situation.

A specialized consolidation lender will determine your income and expenses, as well as other elements of your monthly finances, and offer their best resolution for your debt management needs. This can be much more beneficial than a consolidation loan that focuses entirely on your credit score - especially if your score is not high.

Finding the Right Lender for Debt Consolidation Loans for Bad Credit

Unfortunately, there are a large number of agencies that prey on people who need loans despite having bad credit. Payday lenders are often grouped in this category and, rarely, if ever, offer terms that can be part of a responsible debt management solution.

When you are looking for debt consolidation loans for bad credit, it is necessary to speak with highly reputable lenders that are willing to make the extra step on your behalf necessary to lend you the credit you need. These businesses can be verified through the Better Business Bureau or through non-profit credit counseling agencies that make sure they are offering a valuable and useful service to their clients.

For many people, consulting one of these non-profit credit counseling agencies can be a great step forward in finding debt consolidation loans for bad credit. Some of these companies offer their own debt consolidation services, however, and will present a clear conflict of interest when their suggested resolution to your debt management issues is, naturally, to pay for their in-house debt consolidation services.

However, these companies can often help you make sense of your finances and offer key solutions. Reputable counselors and third party agencies like the Better Business Bureau offer an excellent method of verifying the transparency and trustworthiness of debt management agencies offering debt consolidation loans for bad credit.




Using A "Single Pane Of Glass" Integrated Management Solution For Your Business


If you want to be able to manage your IT infrastructure faster and more efficiently, then you should try the new single pane of glass integrated management software available on the market. By using such platforms, you will be able to monitor all processes and potential threats to the network and respond quickly to errors from a single unified platform.

The problem of using multiple platforms to track down activity

The problem many IT professionals and network administrators have is that there are multiple events happening on different levels within the network. While there are specialized mechanisms that can record logs, archive and index them, alerts can reach the right professional slower than it would be required in some situation. With the sheer amount of event logs and other processes and potential threats to the network, it is almost impossible for IT professionals to make sense of this with multiple tools across many platforms.

The good news is that there have been many improvements made in the IT management industry, and there are now quite a few platforms available that enable a unified integrated approach to all problems.



Managing your entire network from behind a single pane of glass

By using an integrated management platform, you will have a simple and comprehensive general overview of everything that is happening within the network. From event logs that track down threats and access to others you can easily see the maximum amount of information with the help of a single view. And if you need to see exactly where a specific problem is occurring, you can easily access that area within a few clicks. You could start fixing what isn’t working properly or be taken away at the location of the problem without having to go through multiple interfaces.

With a single pane of glass integrated management approach, all your employees will also get a customized view that displays exactly the right amount of information for each position. Each professional will get to the information he needs so that he will be able to do his job efficiently and more importantly as fast as possible.

With this unified platform you will also be able to manage everything related to your network whether data is stored on physical devices or in the cloud. Get your business running more efficiently by adopting a single pane of glass management solution.



A Genuinely Effective Way Of Getting Rid Of Your Acne Naturally


A lot of people have acne which is an inflammatory skin condition that is caused by excess dirt and oil and the infection of the pores and hair follicles. While acne is not life threatening, it can have a massive negative impact on your skin and even cause scars if you pop your pimples too often. The good news is that you can now use turmeric in order to make a special paste that you can then apply on your skin and finally kiss your acne goodbye. How can you do that? Well, let's find out!

Get rid of your acne naturally

If you're not the type who would want to prepare special pastes or anything like that, then you should know that you can easily use turmeric pills for acne to get relief fast. These pills are not only one hundred percent natural, but at the same time they are proven to work so you are going to see results in just a few days after using them. One thing to keep in mind though is to always follow the directions on the bottle and not take too many pills thinking that this way your acne may go away faster.

Making the turmeric paste

Now if you're someone who wants to make a turmeric paste and apply it on his skin to get rid of acne, you can easily do that by mixing oil and the turmeric powder in a mixing bowl. As for the amount of both ingredients, one teaspoon of each is a great start. Mix everything until you get a paste. 

After you finally made the paste, you should know that it can be used in both cold and hot form, so if you're cold and want to get rid of your acne in a comfortable way, microwave it for fifteen to thirty seconds. After that, apply it on the areas of your skin affected by acne. Leave the paste on for a minimum of twenty minutes so that it can fully dry.

Wash your face

After the twenty minutes are off, you should consider washing your face with water and soap or any type of face wash you may want. Use a towel to pat your face dry. In some cases though, some people may choose to leave the paste on overnight but if you choose to do so, make sure you use bedding that you're no longer going to need. That is because turmeric stains permanently.