Are Reserve Phone Lookup Directories Accurate?


Performing a reverse cell phone lookup search is a lot easier than you think. It’s as simple as putting “reverse phone lookup” into a search engine and using one of the services that comes up. Unfortunately this is also a little bad for you because there’s just too much choice at that point. Which one is good? Which one is bad? The good news is that most of them are pretty good.

One thing you’ll notice almost right away is the quality of their searches. Their front page proudly boasts that they have made over 1,000,000 successful reverse cell phone lookups. That’s one million. The right side of the page also displays the numbers that have recently been searched for. Curious? You can lose some time clicking on them yourself and finding out a lot about these random numbers.

The reverse lookup of Reverse Phone Lookup is completely free and is a great way to find out who it is that’s trying to call you. When you know who is calling you then you can decide to either talk to them or ignore them. Some of the reverse cell lookup services out there will charge you up to $15 just to do this one simple search. That’s why there are so many free services out there like this.

One thing that can be helpful for anyone trying to do a reverse cell phone lookup is to subscribe to a service that offers an unlimited amount of searches for free. Even some of the free search sites will offer only a limited number of searches, or will charge you more for a full report of the information. That’s a pretty common tactic. When you look up a number they provide you with a name but to find out more you have to pay. That’s not the case with Reverse Phone Lookup.



You can use the website to search for both cell phones and landlines but unfortunately cell phones might be harder for them to identify. When they do get a match you are given the first and last name of the owner, the area where the phone was registered, along with the address of the owner and a map to where they live. There is also some more information. Sometimes they aren’t able to give you a perfect match on your reverse phone lookup and, if that happens, they give you as much information as they can such as the general location of the phone and the service provider, as well as any complaints posted online about the number in the case of nuisance calls.