10 Most Censored Countries From Internet

According to a publish from the CPJs (committee to protect journalists) list there are those countries that are most censored than the others. In some of the censored countries, there is even the threat of getting journalists in jail if they violate the government’s instruction. In all this countries, the government exercises the ultimate power of control over everything in the country without consideration of the public or any other person. Here are the 10 countries that have censored internet:

1. North Korea

North Korea is the top censored country. In North Korea, journalists have no freedom. All television and radio receivers belong to the government, and those that are private are locked to one main governmental frequency. According to the main media house in Korea, people love the leader more than they love other members of their family. Every news is positive.

2. Libya

There is nothing like anachronism about independent broadcast or print media. All broadcasts are under the hands of the loyal regime of the leaders. The government controls everything and remains the main source of news and information to the public. The only sites that can be accessed by public are the once that are government oriented.



3. Equatorial Guinea

There is only one private media house and the president’s son owns it. Therefore indicating that the only news to be aired must comply with the president’s rule. It’s believed that Equatorial Guinea claims that president Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo is the “countries god”.

4. Cuba

Occasionally in Cuba the government will organize repudiational acts for journalists who do not follow what the government orders them to do. In these plans, people, mostly demonstrator will surround the journalists’ home and prevent anyone from going into the home or living.

5. Burma

In Burma, the military junta which is ruled by the president owns all the newspapers, television and radio stations in the land. As such, the media is not allowed to hint at or report any anti-government sentiments. The few publicly owned publications also have to submit their content to the Press Scrutiny board before they can publish it. The countries main internet provider was taken over by the Junta in 2005.

6. Turkmenistan

Niyazov isolated the country from the rest of the world creating his own cult and declaring himself the father of the Turkmen. The state owns all the media stations in the country and Niyazov’s administration controls the media by hiring editors and censoring the content published.

7. Eritrea

This is the only country in sub Saharan Africa that does not have a single private media outlet. Only a handful of people can access the internet and with intense monitoring.

8. Syria

Even though some media outlets are under private ownership, they are owners by hardcore government loyalist who ensure only what the government wants is published.

9. Belarus

The government owns most of the media houses and those that are not generally avoid discussing any political matters for fear of being shut down like most of the media outlets that critique the government.

10. Uzbekistan

The government rule on soviet style dictatorship that uses political intimidation to silence the public, journalist and human rights activists.