Using A "Single Pane Of Glass" Integrated Management Solution For Your Business


If you want to be able to manage your IT infrastructure faster and more efficiently, then you should try the new single pane of glass integrated management software available on the market. By using such platforms, you will be able to monitor all processes and potential threats to the network and respond quickly to errors from a single unified platform.

The problem of using multiple platforms to track down activity

The problem many IT professionals and network administrators have is that there are multiple events happening on different levels within the network. While there are specialized mechanisms that can record logs, archive and index them, alerts can reach the right professional slower than it would be required in some situation. With the sheer amount of event logs and other processes and potential threats to the network, it is almost impossible for IT professionals to make sense of this with multiple tools across many platforms.

The good news is that there have been many improvements made in the IT management industry, and there are now quite a few platforms available that enable a unified integrated approach to all problems.



Managing your entire network from behind a single pane of glass

By using an integrated management platform, you will have a simple and comprehensive general overview of everything that is happening within the network. From event logs that track down threats and access to others you can easily see the maximum amount of information with the help of a single view. And if you need to see exactly where a specific problem is occurring, you can easily access that area within a few clicks. You could start fixing what isn’t working properly or be taken away at the location of the problem without having to go through multiple interfaces.

With a single pane of glass integrated management approach, all your employees will also get a customized view that displays exactly the right amount of information for each position. Each professional will get to the information he needs so that he will be able to do his job efficiently and more importantly as fast as possible.

With this unified platform you will also be able to manage everything related to your network whether data is stored on physical devices or in the cloud. Get your business running more efficiently by adopting a single pane of glass management solution.